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Coffee Tasting and Cold Brew How-To

We'll be sampling some great fair trade, organic, single origin coffees – but with a twist. We'll take the same beans and brew them differently, each variety brewed up as both cold brew and traditional/french press. Attendees will also leave with a free 12oz bag of coffee beans of their choosing. Learn more


Baking Bread: Sprouted, whole grain, and heirloom flour

There is much more then just white flour to bake your bread with at home. Learn to bake with all kinds of new and "old" flours. This class is not for beginners (hopefully we'll have a beginner class again soon).Learn more


Making Kombucha

Whether this will be your first taste of kombucha, or you're a seasoned consumer of it, come and learn about kombucha and what makes it special (and good for you!). You'll learn how to make it at home, the dos and don'ts to doing it safely, and even dive a little into the chemistry of what's going on during fermentation. Learn more


Intro to Natural Dye :: Samples + Scarves

An Eco-Centered Craft -- Natural Dyes offer the best of so many worlds. The Arts, Crafts, Nature, Cooking, Science + Math! We'll Scour, Mordant, Dye and Rinse together, learning the basics of an ancient art form and practice. Each student will leave class with a fabric dye sample from each of the dye pots, as well as two gorgeous scarves (your choice of Chiffon Silk, Habotai Silk, or Rayon-Bamboo (Vegan)), of your own creation.Learn more


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Herbs currently stocked in the store

Alfalfa Organic
Allspice Organic
Angelica Root Organic
Ashwagandha Organic
Basil Organic
Burdock Organic
Calendula Organic
Caraway Organic
Cardamom Organic
Catnip Organic
Chamomile Organic
Chickweed Organic
Cinnamon Organic
Comfrey Leaf Organic
Corriander Seed Organic
Cubeb Berries Organic
Dandelion Root Organic
Echinacea Organic
Elder Flowers Organic
Elder Berries Organic
Eleuthero Organic
Fennel Seed Organic
French Grey Sea Salt Gourmet

Ginger Root Powder Organic
Ginger Root Organic
Gotu Kola Organic
Grapefruit Peel
Gunpowder Green Tea Organic
Hawthorn Berries Organic
Hibiscus Flower Organic
Holy Basil Organic
Juniper Berries Organic
Keemun Organic
Lavender Organic
Lemon Balm Organic
Lemon Peel Organic
Lemongrass Organic
Licorice Root Organic
Marshmallow Root Organic
Meadowsweet Organic
Mugwort Organic
Mustard Powder - Yellow Organic
Mustard Seed - Yellow Organic
Mustard Seed - Brown Organic
Nettle Organic
Oatstraw Organic
Orange Peel

Oregon Grape Root Wildcrafted
Orris Root Organic
Parsley Organic
Passionflower Organic
Peppermint Leaf Organic
Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Gourmet
Plantain Leaf Organic
Raspberry Leaf Wildcrafted
Red Clover Blossom Organic
Rooibos Tea Organic
Rose Buds Organic
Rose Hips Organic
Rosemary Organic
Sage Organic
Schisandra Berries Organic
Shavegrass Horsetail Organic
Soapnut Shells Organic
Thyme Organic
Turmeric Root Powder Organic
Violet Leaf Organic
White Willow Bark Organic
Witch Hazel Wildcrafted
Yarrow Organic

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