Past Workshops

Below are workshops we have offered in the past to give you an idea of the kind of classes we have offered. If there's a class you'd like us to offer again, send us a note and let us know you are interested and we can see about offering that particualr class again.

Get a group together for your own custom class! Have a group of friends, or want a fun work group bonding event? Let us know and we can do a custom workshop for your group!

Sourdough Starter

This class guides you to use wild yeast, sourdough and other starter cultures for wholesome and healthy bread.

Coffee Tasting and Cold Brew How-To

We'll be sampling some great fair trade, organic, single origin coffees – but with a twist. We'll take the same beans and brew them differently, each variety brewed up as both cold brew and traditional/french press.

Making Kombucha

Whether this will be your first taste of kombucha, or you're a seasoned consumer of it, come and learn about kombucha and what makes it special (and good for you!). You'll learn how to make it at home, the dos and don'ts to doing it safely, and even dive a little into the chemistry of what's going on during fermentation.

Making Mustard

Learn to make your own delicious gourmet artisan mustard. This is a perfect class if you are looking for a home-made edible Holiday present, or just for yourself! Once you make your own, you will never buy mustard again. Every student goes home with 3 mustard sample jars of the flavors made in the workshop.

Gluten Free Bread Baking

This class is custom designed specifically for a gluten free diet. You will learn baking techniques easy to master to bake delicious bread even without wheat and gluten. Understand gluten free ingredients, and tips for making gluten free bread and how to achieve healthy classic daily bread. We will sample gluten free bread during the class. Every student gets informational hands-outs with flour blend recipe and hearty classic bread recipe. Plus dried gluten free sourdough starter to start your own sourdough at home.

Cheese Making: Goat Chevre

Chevre needs to age for a little while, so we are doing this class just in time for it to age perfectly before Valentine's day. Each attendee will leave with a heart shaped chevre crouquette of cheese made in class to take home and finish the aging process.

Baking Bread with Sourdough

If you've baked bread before and want a more advanced bread class beyond what is in our Bread baking 101 workshop, this is the right next step for you.

Making Gin

Come learn how to make compound gin! Starting with a “neutral spirit” you will learn how to infuse juniper berries and other botanicals to make you own personalized flavor profile.

Chocolate Truffle making

Every one loves Chocolate and it's hard to resist! Truffles are always popular and make a fabulous gift. The workshop is a hands on class for homemade truffles where we will make five different flavors.

Making Kimchi

Kimchi - for those not in the know – is sauerkraut's spicy Korean cousin. Come and learn about fermenting vegetables in general while we, hands-on, make kimchi over the course of the workshop. Attendees receive a mason jar full of their own kimchi including a re-usable air-lock lid for further fermentation fun at home after the class.

Cookie Decorating

You will receive 6 cookies in a hands on workshop. Step by step instructions with all materials included to decorate these big shortbread cookies! It will be fun learning new techniques or improving your existing skills!

Intro to Natural Dye :: Scarf Season

This 3-hour hands-on workshop will dive into a brief history of Natural Dyes as we learn the Natural Dye process for Silk fabrics. We will scour, mordant, dye and rinse our samples together, learning the basics of an ancient art form and life practice. Each student will leave class with a fabric dye sample from each of the dye pots, as well as two gorgeous scarves (your choice of Silk or Rayon-Bamboo), of your own creation.

Macrame Plant Hang

make your own Macrame plant hang in this 2 hour workshop. Learn a few basic knots and go home with your very own handmade by you Macrame plant hang. Workshops are super fun, bring a freind!

Bread Baking Basics 101

Learn to bake a wholesome and healthy home made artisan bread. Understand your flour and other ingredients. Simple step by step to make a delicious bread at home. Every student goes home with a dough, which we started in class to finish the next day at home.

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